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What is Reflex FPA?


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… there are plenty of interesting FPSes in development by scrappy teams. Reflex and Toxikk are ambitious stabs at retro arena FPS (1)

… This is great news for fans of the old-school arena-based shooters. Reflex‘s promise of combining modern tech with the speed, precision, and freedom of a ’90s shooter is an idea I can definitely get behind (2)

… the current art style of this arena FPS reminds me of Virtua Racing with the polygon counts pumped way way up (it has a flat shaded and at times almost cel-shaded sort of look to it, but with lots and lots of polygons on everything). You can rocket jump, strafe jump, and bunny hop/circle jump around for speed and maneuverability (3)

…  The Melbourne crew were quite honest in their latest update, noting that while the Kickstarter campaign has raised a significant amount of funding, it won’t be enough to hit the targeted goal of $360,000. Luckily, this isn’t the end of Reflex, with the team now focusing their efforts onto Steam Greenlight (4)