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What is Meet the Manufacturer?


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Meet the Manufacturer is a platform that connects fashion brands with ethical factories and suppliers. The platform is designed to help fashion brands find and work with factories that meet their ethical and sustainability standards, such as fair labor practices, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Meet the Manufacturer aims to create a more transparent and sustainable fashion industry by providing brands with the tools and resources they need to find and work with responsible factories. It offers a range of services, including a supplier directory, factory assessments, and educational resources, to help brands find and work with the best suppliers for their needs.

Meet the Manufacturer is a useful resource for fashion brands that are looking to improve their supply chain practices and reduce their environmental impact. By working with ethical and sustainable factories, brands can ensure that their products are made in a responsible and transparent way, which can help build trust and loyalty with customers.

… Meet the Manufacturer aims to boost the renewed interest in British-made fashion and textiles. I will be taking part in one of the panel discussions, chaired by broadcaster and award-winning journalist, Lucy Siegle, giving my view as a blogger and consumer on what Made in Britain means to me(1)

… This (Meet the Manufacturer) is such a great opportunity to promote wool manufacturing in the UK and all things wool and British. Britain is known to be a centre of excellence for wool textiles and there is nowhere that understands the skilled chain of production of natural wool better. The surge in interest in the story of our wonderful British sheep and their natural assets continues to grow, so it’s brilliant to be at this event which showcases British manufacturing in force.” Bridgette Kelly said(2)

… Goods that are made in Britain are enjoying a revival with demand for locally-produced brands on the rise, according to a survey carried out by Make it British – an initiative dedicated to promoting, supporting and celebrating UK textiles and apparel manufacturing companies(3)