Visitor Management Systems

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Visitor management systems streamline the check-in process, increase security and visitor tracking, and improve the overall visitor experience. These systems are used in a variety of settings, including workplaces, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using visitor management systems, their key features, and provide five examples of relevant software products along with their distinguishing features and drawbacks.

Who uses the software:

Visitor management systems are used by a wide range of industries that require visitor check-ins. Examples include hospital receptionists, school front offices, and security personnel at corporate headquarters. The software is also common in buildings with a high volume of visitors, such as museums, tourist attractions, and government offices.

Benefits of the software:

Visitor management systems offer many benefits, including improving security by thoroughly tracking visitors’ check-ins. They are also effective tools in preventing unauthorized access and providing better visitor experiences. Additionally, these systems can improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection and reporting.

Features of the software:

Visitor management software includes features such as automated check-in, real-time monitoring of visitors, alerts for security personnel, and the use of ID cards. The software can be customized for each organization’s unique requirements and can integrate with other systems, such as access control and customer relationship management software.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products:

Here are five visitor management software products with their features, how to use them, and their drawbacks:

1. WhosOnLocation (
WhosOnLocation offers customized visitor and contractor management solutions. Its features include badge printing, real-time visitor tracking, and emergency notifications. Users can also pre-register visitors and send custom alerts. WhosOnLocation integrates with access control systems, making it an ideal choice for large buildings. However, WhosOnLocation is only available as a cloud-based software option.

2. LobbyGuard (
LobbyGuard offers automated check-in and badging for visitors to schools, hospitals, and government buildings. The software includes customizable forms, integration with background check systems, and customizable workflows. The drawback of LobbyGuard is its pricing, as it can be expensive compared to other visitor management software options.

3. Proxyclick (
Proxyclick offers a cloud-based visitor management system that includes features such as seamless check-ins, custom bespoke workflows, and intuitive reporting dashboards. The software includes visitor sign-in, badge printing, and digital form management. However, Proxyclick does not yet have the ability to integrate with access control systems.

4. Traction Guest (
Traction Guest is a cloud-based visitor management platform with features such as customizable visitor workflows and seamless check-in for high-volume locations. Traction Guest includes integrations with customer relationship management, access control, and email systems. However, Traction Guest does not offer self-service options, which can be cumbersome for large-scale events.

5. VisitUs Reception (
VisitUs Reception offers customizable visitor management solutions with features such as automated check-ins, real-time alerts, and customizable badges. Users can also pre-register visitors and receive custom alerts. VisitUs Reception offers an on-premises option, making it ideal for businesses with strict security policies. However, the software is not yet fully customizable for larger organizations.


Visitor management systems provide numerous benefits, including enhanced security, better tracking of visitors, and improved visitor experience. With a variety of features and options available, it is essential to choose a system that aligns with your organization’s unique requirements. Consider factors like pricing, scalability, and integration with other software systems when choosing the right visitor management software solution for your needs.