Towing Software

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A Comprehensive Guide to Towing Software


Towing Software is an industry-specific software designed to improve the operational efficiencies of towing companies. This software does everything needed to manage billing, dispatching, and even impounding services. It can be run on desktops, smartphones, and tablets, making it easy to track key performance indicators. This article presents a detailed overview of towing software, including who uses it, benefits, features, and examples of relevant software products.

Who Uses Towing Software

Towing Companies: Towing software is designed to improve the operational efficiencies of towing companies. It can cater to companies of any size and can be customized to match the specific demands of different businesses. Towing companies rely on this software to streamline dispatching, scheduling, billing, and impounding services.

Impound Facilities: Towing software can be used by impound facilities to manage the impounding services, which are performed after a car has been removed from the road by towing companies and needs to be stored.

Benefits of Towing Software

Streamlines Operations: Towing software streamlines operations by centralizing dispatching, automated billing, and an electronic employee tracking system. It allows you to manage everything from one platform.

Improves Efficiency: With towing software, towing companies can improve their efficiency by reducing the time it takes to restart stalled cars and respond to calls.

Enhances Customer Experience: Towing software makes it easier to manage customer inquiries and complaints efficiently, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Features of Towing Software

GPS Tracking: Towing software features GPS tracking abilities that allow you to track the location of the tow truck and improve dispatching times.

Automated Billing: The billing module of towing software enables towing companies to handle invoicing and billing automatically and improve cash flow.

Employee Management: Towing software includes an employee management module that monitors attendance, working hours, and schedules for employees.

Relevant Software Products

Towbook ( Towbook is a cloud-based towing management software that provides solutions for dispatching, GPS tracking, and impound services. One of its most notable features is the drag-and-drop dispatch board that allows dispatchers to assign tasks to drivers quickly. However, one downside of Towbook is that its mobile app needs improvement.

Tracker Management ( Tracker Management provides software solutions for towing and recovery operations. Its software empowers towing businesses to manage dispatching, GPS tracking, and employee management. It also offers integrations with QuickBooks and other accounting software. However, Tracker Management lacks the functionality for impound services.

Towmasters ( Towmasters is a towing dispatch software that offers features such as GPS tracking, real-time dispatching, and automated billing. Its auto-populating tasks feature minimizes data entry, saving time and boosting efficiency. However, some customers complain of occasional technical glitches.

Towify ( Towify offers towing software solutions to companies of all sizes. Its software includes features such as GPS tracking, dispatching, and employee management. With Towify, you can automate billing, track storage yard inventory, and integrates with QuickBooks. However, Towify’s systems can be tricky to learn for beginners.

Towbook Pro ( Towbook Pro offers cloud-based towing software that includes GPS tracking, employee management, and impound services. It also comes with SMS messaging and automated billing features. One downside of this software is that it can be challenging to get used to the interface and requires training.


Towing software is designed to help towing businesses streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience. With features such as GPS tracking, automated billing, and employee management, this software has made it easier than ever for towing companies to optimize their services. When choosing a towing software, consider features such as dispatching, GPS tracking, employee management, and impound services. Furthermore, be mindful of possible drawbacks, like tricky-to-use systems and technical glitches. It is essential to research and take trial periods for any software before investing in it.