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Timeshare software is a management system designed specifically to handle the unique needs of timeshare properties. This software not only helps to simplify and streamline the day-to-day operations of a timeshare property, but also enhances the overall guest experience. Timeshare software provides owners, guests, and staff with real-time information about reservations, unit availability, and property amenities. In this article, we will explore who uses the software, the benefits and features of the software, and provide examples of relevant timeshare software products.

Who Uses the Software:

Timeshare software is used by the management team of timeshare properties to oversee daily operations. This includes managing reservations, maintenance, housekeeping, check-ins and check-outs. This software also benefits timeshare owners, as they can have access to real-time information about their reservations and property amenities. Finally, guests of timeshare properties can benefit from the software’s features, such as online booking and self-service check-in.

Benefits of the Software:

The benefits of timeshare software include increased efficiency, improved communication, and better guest experiences. With the help of this software, timeshare properties can reduce manual errors associated with traditional record-keeping methods. Automated processes also increase the speed at which reservations are processed which create faster check-ins. The software centralizes information, which enhances communication and collaboration among staff members. Guests also have access to real-time information via mobile and desktop applications, which can help them plan their stays better.

Features of the Software:

Timeshare software typically includes features such as reservations, booking and payment processing. Additionally, housekeeping and maintenance tracking can also be integrated to ensure efficient upkeep of property amenities. Communication tools, like messaging or email, offer better interaction between the staff, guests and property owners. A prime feature of the software is its online booking capabilities, which can help save staff time and reduce the chance of errors. Timeshare software can also support integration with other systems, including point-of-sale or customer relationship management tools.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products:

1. CiiRUS ( CiiRUS is an award-winning cloud-based software that assists in managing vacation rental, timeshare, and vacation properties. It provides real-time availability, online bookings, payment processing, and reporting features. It also provides housekeeping, maintenance tracking, and communication tools to ensure efficient operations. Furthermore, it provides integrations with other systems, including travel insurance, credit card processing, and marketing automation.

2. Resort Data Processing ( Resort Data Processing is a comprehensive management software designed specifically for the hospitality industry that includes timeshare management features. Its features include real-time availability, automated billing, and housekeeping management that can provide easy tracking of inventory and schedules. Moreover, it can integrate with other systems to leverage on the existing technologies of tourism businesses like point-of-sales, channel management, and their inventory tool.

3. TrackResults ( TrackResults is a sales and reporting software designed specifically for the timeshare industry. It tracks sales funnels, presentations and provides real-time reporting on lead generation and marketing strategies. It targets the timeshare industry’s unique needs to deliver timely, accurate, and practical data for sales performance, data exploration, and reporting.

4. Visual Matrix ( Visual Matrix is a cloud-based property management system that can be customized to include features such as online reservations, billing and payment processing, digital recording, and housekeeping and maintenance tracking. It can integrate with several systems such as credit card processing, call accounting, and business intelligence.

5. ResNexus ( ResNexus is a web-based booking and guest management software that provides an easy and simple booking process for timeshare managers and guests. It features real-time availability, multi-platform integration, and payment processing capabilities. It also provides housekeeping and maintenance tools that can assist with efficient planning and adjusting workflow.


Timeshare software is a valuable investment for timeshare properties of all sizes. From guest communication to administration of daily operations, these software solutions can help to enhance customer experience and streamline operations for an efficient and successful business. Examples such as CiiRUS, Resort Data Processing, TrackResults, Visual Matrix and ResNexus all provide unique features that make them well-suited for different business types. The benefits of using timeshare software include increased efficiency, improved communication, and an overall better guest experience which all add up to increase revenue for the business.