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Social selling is a marketing technique that involves using social media platforms to identify, connect and engage with prospective customers. Social selling software helps businesses to streamline and optimize their social selling efforts. This article will discuss who uses social selling software, the benefits of using social selling software, features to look for in social selling software, and provide five examples of relevant software products along with distinguishing features, how to use the software, and limitations.

Who Uses Social Selling Software

Sales teams: Social selling software is used by sales teams to find potential clients on social media platforms, connect with them, and build relationships that can be converted into new business. The software helps sales representatives with personalized communication and automated workflows.

Marketing teams: Marketing teams use social selling software to identify potential customers, monitor brand mentions, and manage social media profiles. Social selling software also provides insights on how the brand is performing on social media.

Benefits of Social Selling Software

Improves lead generation: Social selling software can assist in generating new leads by identifying prospective customers on social media platforms.

Increases sales: Social selling software can assist sales teams to identify new prospects and track their progress through the sales pipeline, resulting in increased revenue.

Enhances customer engagement: Social selling software helps to foster relationships with potential and existing customers by enabling personalized communication, which increases customer engagement with the brand.

Features of Social Selling Software

Social media monitoring: Social selling software provides insights and analytics on brand performance and the effectiveness of social media strategies.

Lead generation tools: Social selling software includes automated lead generation tools that help identify and engage with potential customers.

Integration with marketing automation: Social selling software can be integrated with marketing automation tools for more efficient lead management and nurturing.

Five examples of Social Selling Software Products

1. Hootsuite ( Hootsuite is a social media management platform that enables users to manage and schedule social media posts, monitor brand mentions, and track the performance of social media campaigns. Hootsuite provides access to over 35 social media platforms and analytics tools to measure campaigns’ effectiveness. Drawbacks? Hootsuite lacks some of the sales management features available in other social selling software solutions.

2. Salesforce Social Studio ( Salesforce Social Studio is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables users to monitor, analyze and engage with customers across various social media platforms. It includes advanced listening capabilities and lead generation tools. Salesforce also integrates with its CRM tools, making it an excellent choice for sales-focused teams. Limitations of this software? The cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses without large social media marketing budgets.

3. Sociamonials ( Sociamonials is an all-in-one social media management platform that provides lead generation tools, social media marketing automation, and performance analytics. Sociamonials also includes excellent customer support; users are provided with a Customer Success Manager to help optimize their campaigns. What about limitations? Sociamonials is not suitable for businesses with large followings on various social media platforms.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator ( LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales teams find and build relationships with potential customers on LinkedIn. The software provides users with lead recommendations, sales insights, and customized alerts for relevant leads. Other features include account and contact management, CRM integration, and lead recommendations. Limitations of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? It is only compatible with LinkedIn, and it has a steeper learning curve than other social selling software tools.

5. Datanyze ( Datanyze is a sales enablement tool that provides users with lead generation and contact information for targeted companies. The software is built on a robust data platform and features email lookup tools, contact information databases, and competitive analysis. A disadvantage of using Datanyze? It does not offer direct integration with social media platforms, and users will have to use it with other social selling tools.


Social selling software provides an effective way for businesses to engage prospective customers on social media platforms. The software helps sales teams with lead generation, increases sales, and enhances customer engagement. The features of social selling software vary across the available product offerings. By evaluating the benefits and limitations of the above-recommended social selling software, businesses can choose a tool that best suits their needs.