Remodeling Estimating Software

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Remodeling Estimating Software: A Comprehensive Guide


Remodeling estimating software is designed specifically for contractors, remodelers, and construction companies that need to estimate costs and create project proposals. This software saves valuable time and improves accuracy by streamlining the bidding process and automating calculations.

Who Uses the Software:

Contractors: Contractors use remodeling estimating software to create detailed project estimates that can be submitted to clients. The software can help contractors break down the cost of materials, labor, and other expenses needed to complete a project. By providing accurate and transparent cost estimates, contractors can build stronger relationships with clients and avoid disputes over cost later on.

Remodelers: Remodelers use remodeling estimating software to create accurate and detailed project proposals for clients. The software allows remodelers to take into account every aspect of the project – from demolition to fixtures and finishes – and provide a comprehensive estimate that clients can trust.

Construction Companies: Similarly, construction companies use remodeling estimating software to create estimates and proposals for new construction projects. The software helps construction companies build a competitive advantage by providing accurate estimates and reducing errors in the bidding process.

Benefits of the Software:

Time-saving: Remodeling estimating software saves time by streamlining the bidding process. With automated calculations, users can create detailed estimates faster than doing it manually.

Accuracy: The software allows users to create more accurate estimates by taking into account every detail of a project – from labor costs to material prices – and ensuring that nothing is missed.

Flexibility: Remodeling estimating software is flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of individual contractors and companies. The software can be used to estimate the costs of everything from a small home renovation project to a large construction project.

Features of the Software:

Material Cost Tracking: Remodeling estimating software can track the cost of materials that are needed for a project. Users can input the cost of materials and the software will keep track of the total cost.

Labor Cost Tracking: The software can also track the cost of labor for a project. Users can input the hourly rate for each worker and the software will calculate the total cost of labor for the project.

Project Management Tools: Remodeling estimating software often includes tools for project management such as scheduling, timelines, and task assignment. These tools can help users keep track of all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Examples of Relevant Software Products:

1. ProEst ( ProEst is a cloud-based estimating software that offers a comprehensive range of features including cost estimating, project management, and data analytics. The software is designed for construction companies and contractors of all sizes.

2. Buildertrend ( Buildertrend is a cloud-based project management software that also includes features for cost estimating and proposal creation. The software is designed for construction companies and general contractors.

3. PlanSwift ( PlanSwift is an estimating software that specializes in takeoff tools, allowing users to create detailed estimates for projects including flooring, roofing, and HVAC services.

4. Bid4Build ( Bid4Build is a simple-to-use estimating software that offers tools for creating estimates, proposals, and contracts. The software is designed for small to medium-sized contractors.

5. Estimator360 ( Estimator360 is an online software that offers features for cost estimating, project management, and CRM. The software is designed for contractors and remodelers who want to manage their entire business from one platform.

How to Use the Software:

To use remodeling estimating software, users typically start by creating a digital version of the job site. They then input the materials, labor costs, and projections for each aspect of the job. The software will calculate the total cost of the project based on the inputs provided. Some software includes templates that pre-fill some fields to make it easier filling out the estimate.

Drawbacks and Limitations of the Software:

The main drawback of remodeling estimating software is that it can be expensive, especially for small businesses. The software also requires time and effort to learn and use properly. It can be complex and might require technical assistance to install or update the software. Additionally, this software is not perfect and errors can still occur if estimators fail to enter the correct information.


Remodeling estimating software is a valuable tool for contractors, remodelers, and construction companies who need to create accurate and detailed estimates for their clients. With features including material cost tracking, labor cost tracking, and project management tools, users can save time, improve accuracy, and build trust with their clients. Although remodeling estimating software can be expensive and might require effort to learn, it is a worthwhile investment for companies that want to eliminate the hassle of estimating and start winning more business.