Mailroom Management Software

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Mailroom Management Software: Overview, Benefits, Features and Examples

Who Uses the Software?

Mailroom management software is utilized by companies or organizations that have a high volume of incoming and outgoing mail. It is commonly used by businesses, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and other organizations that need to handle a large number of mail items. Mailroom management systems can also be used by smaller organizations and individuals who require a more streamlined mail handling process.

Benefits of the Software

Mailroom management software provides myriad benefits to companies or organizations that handle a large volume of mail. Firstly, it helps to automate the process of handling inbound and outbound mail, which can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors. Secondly, it can improve communication by providing notifications when new mail items arrive or when outgoing mail has been sent. Thirdly, it can provide real-time data and tracking of mail items, allowing organizations to keep track of what has been sent and received. Lastly, it can improve security by ensuring that mail items are delivered to the correct recipients and reducing the risk of lost or stolen mail.

Features of the Software

Mailroom management software typically includes features such as:

Mail Tracking: This feature allows users to track their incoming and outgoing mail items in real-time. Users can determine the status of a mail item, from when it was sent, to when it was delivered, and who signed for it.

Mailroom Dashboard: This feature provides users with a central hub for managing all incoming and outgoing mail items. Users can view the status of mail items, manage mail delivery schedules, and track and report on mailroom performance.

Data Analytics and Reporting: This feature provides users with analytics and reporting tools that allow them to analyze and optimize their mailroom processes. Users can view reports on mail volume, delivery times, and other important performance metrics.

Mail Sorting and Delivery: This feature automates the process of sorting and delivering mail items. Users can sort mail items by recipient, department, or other criteria, and then automatically send them to the correct destination.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products

1. Pitney Bowes Arrival ( Pitney Bowes Arrival is a mailroom management software solution that includes features such as inbound and outbound tracking, package tracking, and delivery confirmation. It also includes a dashboard that provides real-time data on mailroom performance.

2. Zendesk Sunshine ( Zendesk Sunshine is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that includes mailroom management software. It offers features such as automated mail sorting and delivery, inbound and outbound tracking, and performance reporting.

3. Neopost Mailroom ( Neopost Mailroom is a cloud-based mailroom management software solution that includes features such as real-time tracking, automated sorting and delivery, and customized reporting and analytics.

4. EZTrackIt ( EZTrackIt is a mailroom management software solution that includes features such as package tracking, delivery confirmation, and real-time tracking. It can be integrated with other software systems, including CRM platforms, to provide a more comprehensive solution.

5. PackageLog ( PackageLog is a mailroom management software solution that allows users to automate the process of logging and tracking incoming packages. It includes features such as automated email notifications, package scanning, and real-time tracking of packages.

How to Use the Software

To use mailroom management software, users first need to purchase or subscribe to a software solution that meets their organization’s needs. Once the software is installed or accessed, users can set up mail delivery schedules and tracking, sort and deliver mail items, and track and analyze performance metrics. Many mailroom management software solutions integrate with other software systems, such as CRMs, to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Drawbacks and Limitations of the Software

Like all software solutions, mailroom management software has its limitations. Some solutions may be expensive to purchase or subscribe to, and smaller organizations may find that the cost outweighs the benefits. Additionally, mailroom management software may require additional hardware or equipment, such as scanners or tracking devices, which can add to the overall cost. Lastly, some organizations may need to invest in additional training for staff members to use the software effectively.


Mailroom management software can offer significant benefits to companies and organizations that handle a high volume of incoming and outgoing mail. The software can help automate the process of mail handling, improve communication, provide real-time tracking, and improve security. There are many different mailroom management software solutions available, each with their own unique features and limitations. By understanding their needs and budget, organizations can select the solution that best meets their requirements.