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Many businesses look for ways to optimize their operations and enhance customer service. Kennels are no exception. Kennels need to manage reservations, pet health records, payments, and other information efficiently. They also need to communicate with customers in a timely manner. Kennel software can help to this end. This article will explore who uses kennel software, the benefits and features of the software, as well as five examples of relevant software products.

Who Uses Kennel Software

Kennels use kennel software to manage their operations and provide better services to their clients. This can include kennels that offer boarding services for pets. For kennels, the software helps to streamline the reservation process, manage associated fees, and ensure that pet health records are up-to-date. The software can also help kennel staff to communicate with clients more efficiently.

Benefits of Kennel Software

Efficiency and convenience: Kennel software offers a quick, easy, and centralized way to manage reservations, pet health records, and payments while minimizing errors, reducing time on administrative tasks, and providing convenience to pet owners.

Improved communication: Kennel software can facilitate communication with customers through customized notifications and reminders to update or retrieve their pet information. It can also create a platform for communicating with customers about their pets’ needs and concerns.

Features of Kennel Software

Reservation management: Kennel software should have the ability to manage reservations of pets in a way that is easy, efficient, and convenient. It should provide the ability to reserve kennel space by date, time, and type of pet.

Pet health records management: Kennel software should manage basic pet health records, care routine information, and feeding scheduling. The software should allow kennels to easily input any medical information, current medications, or allergies that the pet may have.

Invoicing and Payment management: Kennel software should ease the payment process by providing a platform that includes a feature for generating and sending invoices to clients as well as different payment methods to facilitate quick payment.

Customizable client communication portals: Kennel software should have customizable client communication portals that allow kennels to communicate with customers in a variety of ways, including through emails, push notifications, or social media channels to seek care routine information updates, or to book new reservations.

Five Examples of Relevant Software Products

1. Kennel Booker ( Kennel Booker is a cloud-based kennel management software. Its features include the ability to manage reservations, medical records, invoicing and payments and online customer portals. It also provides customers with the facility to book kennel space, based on available dates.

2. PawLoyalty ( PawLoyalty is a comprehensive kennel management software that provides features such as personnel management, social media integrations, marketing automation, customer analytics, and kennel operation management. It is cloud-based and provides state of the art, real-time data analysis and operational management at pet care facilities.

3. Kennel Link ( Kennel Link provides a complete kennel management solution for businesses on a budget. It includes features like a front desk dashboard, medical records management, online booking, and payment processing.

4. PetExec ( PetExec is a kennel management software that is used to schedule reservations, track pet health records, manage employees, inventory management, customer billing, and payment processing. PetExec is also available as a mobile app for clients to view front desk management options on the go.

5. Kennel Connection ( The Kennel Connection is an all-in-one kennel management software solution. It offers features such as online booking, quick check-in/out, vaccination management, and online reminders. Kennel Connection also manages medical records and provides accounting and billing functionalities.

Drawbacks and Limitations of Kennel Software

It’s essential to note a few potential drawbacks when it comes to using kennel management software. One of the most significant is that kennel software may not be cheap to purchase, set up, and maintain, especially if it is a comprehensive software solution. One other drawback that kennel software systems generally require some level of understanding and technical proficiency to use, which could be a problem for tech-impaired users.


In conclusion, kennel software has become an essential tool for kennels. It helps kennels customize communication and connect with customers, streamline reservation management and improve organization, and keep up-to-date pet health records. While kennel software might not be affordable, it is worth the investment for the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction it provides. To ensure you choose the right software for your kennel, use the above-listed examples as a starting point and evaluate their features and capabilities against your business needs.