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Job Shop Software: A Comprehensive Overview

Who Uses the Software?

Job shop software is primarily used by businesses that provide custom-made products per client order. This software helps manage the whole process, from creating estimates to job scheduling, production tracking, and delivery. Clients often specificy the end product they require, with materials and quantities. Manufacturers use Job shop software to ensure they can produce what a client needs, while tracking inventory and making the most efficient use of staff and equipment.

Benefits of the Software

Job shop software has a lot of benefits that help manage the entire workflow for custom manufacturers. Here are some:

  • Improved productivity: The software helps streamline production and scheduling, enabling manufacturers to reduce lead times and produce more per staff hour.
  • Better inventory management: The software helps to track inventory in real-time, alerting you when particular parts are running low or when finished goods go out.
  • Increased accuracy: The software helps eliminate the chances of human errors, such as data entry mistakes or incorrect addition errors.
  • Improved financial management: Job shop software can help generate accurate costing, accounting data and job profitability reporting.
  • Better collaboration: Job shop software helps team members easily access and share information that can improve planning and production decisions.

Features of the Software

Job shop software comes with many features to help manage the workflow from start to finish. These features include:

  • Estimating and Quoting: Job shop software helps create and modify estimates and quotes for a project, taking into account labor and materials and other factors such as scheduling.
  • Job Scheduling: Job shop software helps plan and manage workflows, assign staff members to tasks or workstations.
  • Inventory Management: Job shop software helps track inventory through real-time updates, monitoring of stock levels, and reordering reminders.
  • Production Management: Job shop software can help manage the manufacturing process, including tracking the status of a job in production, ensuring delivery timelines and keeping clients updated.
  • Financial Management: Job shop software helps cost analysis, forecasting, and accounting, keeping track of expenses and revenue generation.

Examples of Relevant Software Products

Here are five examples of Job shop software that you can use to manage your workflow:

1. DBA Manufacturing (

DBA Manufacturing is a job shop software that helps manufacturers manage workflow and inventory among other things. The software is famously easy to use and comes with modules that help manage the manufacturing process.

2. JobBOSS (

JobBOSS targets small to mid-sized businesses and helps manage engineering charges, production scheduling, inventory management, and other functions. The software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, making the accounting smoother.

3. Global Shop Solutions (

This job shop software is well-regarded and provides many features such as production management, inventory management, and accounting tools. The software offers a clean, modern interface, and a customizable dashboard to keep you updated on frequently used features.

4. E2 Manufacturing System (

E2 Manufacturing System comes with several features, including job shop scheduling, multi-level bills of material, and custom work-order building. The interface looks much like Windows software, making it easy to use.

5. MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence (

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence is an industry-leading job shop software that includes features like material management, forecasting, and planning, production scheduling, and quality control. This software is known for its complex features that help manufacturers optimize production cycles.

How to Use the Software

Different Job shop software has different user interfaces, however, most are similar and so it’s relatively easy to use. To begin, you’ll have to install the software on your computer or device, then add your company information. Create a user account with your work email, then log in to the software. From there, you can:

  • Create estimates by adding materials, labor costs to the software
  • Create work orders by organizing materials, labor, and machinery to make and deliver the required products
  • Schedule orders by building timelines, and predicting end dates
  • Manage inventory levels by tracking stock through stock movement or finished goods outflow
  • Onboard your team members, providing access and privileges based on their job roles.

Drawbacks and Limitations of the Software

Job shop software has many benefits, but, just like everything else, it’s not without its downsides. Among the most significant are:

  • The cost: Job shop software can be expensive to acquire, install, and maintain.
  • The scalability: Some software may be too basic or may only work with specific functions, such as accounting or workflow only.
  • The learning curve: While many offer user-friendly interfaces, some software may have a steep learning curve with their many features.
  • Integration issues: Some software may not integrate well with your existing hardware or software, leading to compatibility issues.
  • Social and safety protocols: When using job shop software, working alone is generally not an option, and so team members must adhere to social distancing and safety protocols to avoid the risks of COVID-19.


Job shop software has revolutionized the way many manufacturers operate. It helps businesses to manage their workflow, improve inventory management, and streamline the process of producing custom-made goods. Additionally, having the right software enables manufacturers to compete in a world based on agility and efficiency. However, like every other technology, it has its downsides. When deciding which software to use for your business, it’s crucial to perform a detailed analysis of your needs to help ensure the process runs smoothly and to maximize the benefits of this software.