IT Asset Management Software

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IT Asset Management Software: A Comprehensive Overview

Overview: IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software is a system designed to help organizations monitor, manage, and optimize their hardware and software assets. With ITAM Software, businesses can keep track of their inventory, monitor license compliance, detect vulnerabilities, and save money by optimizing asset utilization. In this article, we’ll discuss who uses ITAM software, its benefits and features, and provide examples of some of the most popular products available.

Who Uses the Software?

Enterprises: With large-scale operations, enterprises require robust IT Asset Management solutions to manage and optimize their IT assets. ITAM software helps enterprises avoid overspending on license renewals, reduce hardware and software maintenance costs, monitor compliance with software licensing, maintain a performance inventory of all IT assets, and improve asset utilization.

Small and Medium Businesses: SMBs have similar needs to enterprises. However, with fewer IT assets to manage, they require a less complex ITAM solution. They can use ITAM software to manage and track their hardware assets, ensure software license compliance, and generate reports of their software and hardware assets.

Benefits of the Software

Cost Reduction: With ITAM software, businesses can monitor license compliance, optimize hardware usage and maintenance, and eliminate unnecessary software purchases, ultimately aiming to reduce IT costs.

Increased Efficiency: ITAM software helps organizations locate and track IT assets, making it easy for them to assess performance, take inventory, and detect vulnerabilities.

Risk Mitigation: ITAM software assists in identifying and mitigating software vulnerabilities, maintaining equipment warranties, and ensuring compliance with software licenses.

Features of the Software

Asset Discovery: ITAM software automatically scans the network, discovering hardware assets, and identifying software installed on each device.

Change Management: ITAM software track changes made to systems and alerts administrators to possible threats due to modifications.

License Management: ITAM software monitors licensing for software applications to ensure companies are using their software legally and accurately.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products

1. BMC Helix Discovery ( BMC Helix Discovery is a cloud-based ITAM solution that provides comprehensive hardware discovery, software tracking, and configuration compliance. The software supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Unix. Its distinguishing feature is automation, which removes human error from ITAM operations.

2. SolarWinds Patch Manager ( SolarWinds Patch Manager is cloud-based software that provides automated patching for Windows servers and third-party applications. Its distinguishing feature is scalability, as it can patch thousands of servers at once.

3. Lansweeper ( Lansweeper is a network inventory and IT Asset Management software. It provides software/hardware inventory, software installations and removals, scanning of IP addresses, and more. It is an agentless solution, which means that no installation is needed on the client-side.

4. Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite ( Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite is a complete IT Asset Management solution that includes discovery and inventory, software license management, and asset lifecycle management. It’s distinguishing features are the inclusion of vendor contract information management and Spend Management operations.

5. ManageEngine ADAudit Plus ( ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an Active Directory-based audit and compliance software that audits and report all changes in the Active Directory. It’s distinguishing features are compliance reporting and real-time alerts for security breaches.

How to Use ITAM Software:

To use ITAM software, companies should first determine their ITAM needs, research and identify software providers, choose an ITAM solution, and implement their chosen solution into their IT infrastructure.

Drawbacks and Limitations of the Software

ITAM software does require careful configuration, customization, and management to ensure its success. Companies must also have a clear understanding of what they want ITAM software to achieve. Differently, they may overcomplicate or underutilize the software, making it less effective in aiding the business.


IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software is a critical tool for businesses in maintaining a clear inventory of IT resources and monitoring costs. With the right ITAM software solution, businesses can handle their assets’ lifecycle from acquisition to retirement, detect vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and optimize the utilization of their IT resources. By choosing a reputable ITAM software solution and implementing it correctly, companies can achieve significant cost savings and operate more efficiently.