Fixed Asset Management Software

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Fixed Asset Management Software (FAMS) is an essential tool for every organization that owns physical assets. FAMS helps companies account for and track their assets throughout their lifecycle. The software enables businesses to manage their asset inventory, track maintenance schedules, depreciation, asset retirements, and more. FAMS has become an integral part of any organization’s accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting processes. In this article, we will discuss the who uses the software, the benefits of using FAMS, the features of FAMS, and examples of relevant software products.

Who Uses the Software:

FAMS is used by companies of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, hospitality, construction, education, and more. Any organization that owns physical assets should use FAMS to ensure accurate and efficient asset management. FAMS is used by accounting professionals, fixed asset managers, facility managers, and IT professionals to streamline their asset management processes. The software is also popular among companies that want to comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of financial errors or fraud.

Benefits of the Software:

Implementing FAMS in your organization can provide numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved accuracy and efficiency: FAMS eliminates the need for manual data entry and tracking of physical assets. The software automates the asset management process, making it easier to track asset locations, maintenance schedules, depreciation, and more accurately.

2. Compliance and regulatory requirements: FAMS ensures that your organization is compliant with regulatory requirements, including SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board), and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). The software also provides auditors with the necessary audit trails and creates a secure environment for asset tracking.

3. Cost savings: FAMS can help reduce costs associated with asset management by providing accurate financial reports, making informed buying decisions, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring optimal asset utilization.

Features of the Software:

FAMS offers a wide range of features that support various asset management activities. Some of the notable features of FAMS include:

1. Asset tracking and inventory management: The software enables businesses to track their assets’ location, quantity, condition, and more.

2. Maintenance scheduling and tracking: FAMS automates the scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities for assets, ensuring that they are appropriately serviced and maintained.

3. Depreciation and amortization calculations: The software provides automated calculations of depreciation and amortization, making it easier to track and report on asset values.

4. Customizable dashboards and reports: FAMS provides customizable dashboards and reports that enable businesses to track and report on asset data more efficiently.

Examples of Relevant Software Products:

1. Asset Panda ( Asset Panda is a cloud-based FAMS that provides businesses with a comprehensive platform for tracking, managing and supporting their physical assets. The software is customizable, mobile-friendly, and allows for real-time tracking of assets.

2. Wasp Barcode ( Wasp Barcode is a fixed asset tracking software solution that provides businesses with real-time asset visibility. The software supports asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and depreciation tracking.

3. EZOfficeInventory ( EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based asset management software solution that enables businesses to track, manage, and report on their physical assets’ data. The software offers customizable reports, mobile scanning, and maintenance tracking.

4. Fiix ( Fiix is a cloud-based maintenance management software that offers asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and repair management. The software provides automated features, including notifications, work orders, and maintenance scheduling.

5. AssetWorks ( AssetWorks is a comprehensive FAMS that provides businesses with asset management, fleet management, and facilities management solutions. The software offers real-time data tracking, automated depreciation tracking, and customizable reporting.


In conclusion, FAMS is an essential tool for any organization that owns physical assets. Implementing FAMS can improve accuracy and efficiency in asset management, support regulatory compliance, and help businesses reduce expenses. Users can benefit from FAMS features such as asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, depreciation tracking, and customizable reporting. Companies can choose from a variety of relevant software products such as AssetWorks, Asset Panda, Wasp Barcode, EZOfficeInventory, and Fiix to find the FAMS solution that best suits their asset tracking and management needs.