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Event Marketing Software: A Comprehensive Overview

Overview: Event Marketing is a crucial aspect for any business or organization looking to promote their products or services to a wider audience. Event Marketing Software makes it easier to plan, organize, and promote events while also providing comprehensive analytics and feedback for the same. In this article, we will be exploring the various aspects of Event Marketing Software including who uses it, its benefits, features, and some examples of relevant software products.

Who uses Event Marketing Software?

Event Managers and Planners: These are the primary users of event marketing software. They use it to plan, organize, and execute an event from start to finish. This includes everything from finding a venue, creating event websites, sending out invitations, managing registrations, handling payments, and post-event surveys.

Marketing and PR teams: They use event marketing software to promote and market their events. They use social media, email, and other digital marketing channels to reach out to potential attendees.

Benefits of Event Marketing Software

Increased Efficiency: One of the primary benefits of using event marketing software is increased efficiency. The software automates many of the mundane tasks such as sending out invitations and managing registrations, allowing event managers to focus on more important aspects of the event.

Better Organization: The software provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of an event, which makes it easier to keep track of everything from one place. This reduces the likelihood of an important task falling between the cracks.

Comprehensive Analytics: Most event marketing software comes with comprehensive analytics and reporting features that allow event managers to track the success of an event. This includes metrics such as ticket sales, registration rates, and attendee engagement.

Features of Event Marketing Software

Event Website Builder: This feature allows event managers to create a custom event website without requiring any web development skills. The website can be used to provide event details, sell tickets, and share updates.

Registration Management: This feature automates the registration process and allows attendees to sign up for events online. It also allows event managers to collect payment, manage attendee data, and send out confirmation emails.

Marketing and Promotion: This feature includes everything from social media integration to email marketing campaigns, to increase the visibility of the event and reach out to potential attendees.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products

1. Eventbrite is a popular event marketing software that allows event managers to create custom event websites, manage registrations, promote events via social media and email, and sell tickets online. It also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features.

2. Hubilo is another popular event marketing software that provides features such as event website building, registration management, and marketing and promotion tools. It also includes advanced features such as lead capture and scheduling tools.

3. Cvent is an all-in-one software solution for event management that includes features such as event website building, registration management, and marketing and promotion tools. It also provides tools for managing event logistics such as venue booking and catering.

4. Bizzabo provides a comprehensive suite of event marketing features that includes event website building, registration management, and marketing and promotion tools. It also includes networking features that allow attendees to connect with each other.

5. Whova is a mobile event app that provides attendees with event schedules, speaker information, and networking opportunities. It also includes features for event managers such as registration management, ticket sales, and marketing and promotion tools.


Event Marketing Software provides a centralized platform through which event managers can organize, promote, and manage events with ease. From automating mundane tasks, reducing the likelihood of important tasks falling through the cracks, and providing comprehensive analytics and feedback, Event Marketing Software is essential for businesses of all sizes. The examples above represent some of the best options available, however, there are many more. Event Marketing is made much simpler and effective with the use of Event Marketing Software, and organizations that harness this technology will have an edge over those that do not.