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Employee Advocacy Software: Benefits, Features, and Examples

Overview: Employee advocacy software is an innovative tool increasingly used by companies to leverage their employees’ social media reach, optimize their campaigns, and increase brand awareness. It allows organizations to tap into the power of their employees, turning them into brand ambassadors and helping them share their company’s message with their network. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of employee advocacy software, its key features, and a list of the top 5 relevant software products, including an overview of their distinguishing features, usage instructions, limitations, and drawbacks.

Who Uses Employee Advocacy Software:

Marketing and Sales teams: Employee advocacy software is a useful tool for companies that want to expand their reach, increase marketing ROI, and boost sales. This software helps marketing and sales teams manage their social media campaigns, track their performance, and collect valuable insights.

HR and Internal Communications teams: Employee advocacy software is also widely used by HR teams to enhance employee engagement, improve inter-team communication, and increase employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy Software:

Increases Brand awareness: Employee advocacy software empowers employees to share their company’s message with their network, resulting in increased brand exposure, reach and engagement.

Boosts content visibility and engagement: By sharing content on social media, employees help increase the visibility and engagement of the content, leading to greater ROI on marketing spend.

Drives referral traffic and leads: Employees can generate leads and referral traffic by sharing their company’s content with their network.

Improves employee engagement: Employee advocacy software can help improve employee morale and engagement by enabling them to share content that aligns with their values and interests.

Features of Employee Advocacy Software:

Content Creation and management: Employee advocacy software helps marketers create and manage content that can be shared with employees, making it easy to engage employees and ensure they share the right message.

Link Tracking and Analytics: Employee advocacy software tracks and monitors clicks and engagement on shared content, providing insights into what works and what needs further optimization.

Scheduling and Targeting: Employee advocacy software enables teams to schedule and target social media posts for maximum reach and engagement.

Gamification: Some employee advocacy software products feature gamification, encouraging employees to engage with content in order to earn points or rewards.

Examples of relevant Employee Advocacy Software:

1. Hootsuite Amplify (

Hootsuite Amplify is a social selling and employee advocacy solution that enables organizations to expand their reach, build their brand, and drive revenue using the power of their employees’ social networks. Hootsuite Amplify offers a simple and user-friendly interface, advanced analytics tools, and the ability to curate and share branded content with target audiences.

2. GaggleAMP (

GaggleAMP is a comprehensive advocacy platform that enables businesses to manage and optimize employee engagement across social media channels. With GaggleAMP, businesses can create, curate, and distribute relevant content to their employees, track analytics and performance, and incentivize employees to share content.

3. LinkedIn Elevate (

LinkedIn Elevate is a unique employee advocacy platform that enables businesses to leverage their employees’ LinkedIn networks for increased brand exposure and engagement. With LinkedIn Elevate, employees can easily share company content with their professional networks, expanding brand awareness and generating leads.

4. Bambu (

Bambu is an employee advocacy platform that streamlines the sharing of brand content across social media networks. With Bambu, businesses can curate, schedule and manage employee sharing of social media content while tracking engagement, creating a transparent process for employees to support their brand on social media.

5. Dynamic Signal (

Dynamic Signal is a comprehensive communication and engagement platform for modern organizations. It enables businesses to curate and distribute relevant content across multiple channels, including email, video, and social, while tracking engagement and performance across each channel.


Employee advocacy software has become an essential tool for modern organizations seeking to optimize their marketing, sales, and communication strategies. These software solutions provide businesses with the ability to leverage their employees’ social media networks, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement and revenue. By using one or more of the software products mentioned, companies can take advantage of key features such as content management, analytics, scheduling and targeting, and gamification, to further expand and optimize their social media outreach.