Customer Communications Management Software

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Customer Communications Management Software: An Overview

Customer Communications Management (CCM) software is a category of solutions designed to help businesses manage, personalize, and automate communication with their customers. This software is particularly useful because it simplifies the process of creating, sending, and tracking communication pieces such as marketing emails, bills, account statements, and other customer-centric documents. As a result, CCM software streamlines customer communication while at the same time improving brand/customer relations and generating revenue.

Who Uses Customer Communications Management Software?

Businesses that send out high volumes of customer communication find CCM software a valuable asset. These include service providers, banks, e-commerce websites, insurance firms, and healthcare organizations. Mid-sized and large companies also use CCM software, especially those with complex communication strategies, to automate and centralize their customer communication.

Benefits of Customer Communications Management Software

Using CCM software has several benefits, including:

1. Enhanced Customer Communication
CCM software enables you to use omnichannel communication capabilities and craft personalized messages that match the preferences of each customer. This leads to better relationships with customers, which results in improved sales and reduced churn rate.

2. Saves Time and Money
CCM software eliminates manual intervention, which in turn ends up saving time and money. It automates the entire communication process, from creation to delivery, thereby freeing up your employees’ time to focus on other areas of your organization.

3. Increases Revenue
Customer Communications Management Software helps in creating timely, targeted, and relevant communication, which increases the chances of customers acting on the communication. This results in improved sales and revenue growth.

Features of Customer Communications Management Software

The features of CCM software vary depending on the vendor and the specific solution, but some of the common capabilities include:

1. Template Design
Allows the user to create professional-looking templates that can be used to create a broad range of customer correspondence.

2. Data Integration
Enables CCM software to integrate with your CRM or other data sources, so you can import, manage, and organize data easily.

3. Multi-Channel Delivery
Allows you to communicate via various channels, including email, SMS, Print, or Social Media.

4. Workflow Automation
Automates various tasks such as creation, distribution, and delivery of communication pieces.

5 Examples of Relevant Customer Communications Management Software

1. OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (
OpenText Communications Center Enterprise is a comprehensive CCM solution that provides a single, user-friendly interface and supports digital and print channels. It features workflow automation, bi-directional data integration, and embeds AI capabilities for better-targeted messaging.

2. Salesforce Communications Manager (
Salesforce Communications Manager provides automation and enables personalized communication through multiple channels across a range of customer communication needs. Users can create branded templates, build custom communications that meet reporting requirements, and embed flexible notifications.

3. Adobe Experience Manager (
Adobe Experience Manager is a great CCM solution for companies with a focus on customer experience. It provides features like advanced analytics, automation, and allows users to create content across digital channels and formats.

4. Quadient Inspire (
Quadient Inspire is an all-in-one CCM software with various features like multi-channel delivery, real-time data tracking, and omni-channel document creation. It intelligently communicates with customers by matching channel preferences and simplifying the communication process for customers.

5. Pitney Bowes EngageOne (
Pitney Bowes EngageOne is a robust CCM software with template design, workflow automation, and integration capabilities. The software provides multi-channel communication through a variety of channels, and its sophisticated analytics reporting allows the user to monitor and optimize their communication strategies.

Drawbacks and Limitations of Customer Communications Management Software

While CCM software offers numerous benefits, some drawbacks warrant mentioning:

1. Limited Scalability
Some CCM solutions may not offer the scalability required to meet the needs of larger organizations or heavyloads.

2. Technical Expertise Required
In most cases, implementing CCM software requires technical expertise, which may not be available in house for some organizations.

3. Cost
CCM software may require a substantial investment for businesses with budget constraints.


In conclusion, Customer Communications Management Software is an important tool that aids in the creation and management of better-targeted communication that enhances relationships between businesses and their customers. With advancements in technology, CCM software solutions continue to evolve, providing businesses with the ability to create and deliver communication pieces that are personalized, sent via preferred channels, and easily tracked. By investing in a robust CCM solution, businesses can save time and money and ultimately increase revenue growth.