Creative Management Software

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Overview of Creative Management Software

Creative Management Software (CMS) is a type of software that helps businesses manage the creative process of their marketing campaigns. It is a tool designed to make creating, editing, and publishing digital content easier and more efficient. This software is aimed at streamlining a company’s creative workflow by centralizing all creative processes and client feedback. Users can collaborate, share files, and quickly approve revisions, which helps reduce time to market and improve campaign performance. This article will discuss who can benefit from Creative Management Software, its benefits, key features, and five examples of relevant software products.

Who uses CMS

Digital Marketing Agencies: Creative Management Software is typically used by Digital Marketing Agencies that produce digital content for their clients. CMS software streamlines the complete lifecycle of digital content creation, optimization and distribution to ensure that clients receive high-quality contnet in a timely manner.

In-house marketing departments: Large Organizations that own their in-house marketing department will find Creative Management Software useful to manage their digital marketing campaigns. They easily manage the creative review cycle, revision delays, iterative feedback, and high-quality asset production.

Benefits of CMS

Streamlined Creative Workflow: One of the main benefit of Creative Management Software is the organization of the creative workflow. The software allows all stakeholders to work in a common environment, have access to similar resources, and communicate on a common channel. This reduces the production time of assets and eliminate the repetition of revisions.

Efficient Creative Reviews: Creative Management Software tools generally have modules that streamline the approval workflow. Approval modules are customizable and, once approved, ensure the design upgrades are implemented in all relevant assets automatically.

Creative Performance Optimization: Creative Management Software provides deep insights into the performance of campaigns assets and easily optimizes them. Marketers can analyze the metrics of assets like click-through rates, impression rates, conversion rates, and other relevant insights. This allows them to Make data-driven decisions when optimizing campaigns to improve performance.

Key Features of CMS

Collaboration: A major feature of Creative Management Software is managing the creative process. Users can easily collaborate on work and manage centralized files to keep everyone working together.

Asset Management: CMS provides a centralized asset repository, enabling efficient access to designs and production assets. This makes it easier to revise and update content, saving time and resources.

Automated Workflow Management: CMS has an automated workflow management system that tracks approval statuses and updates revisions across multiple assets automatically.

5 Examples of Relevant Software Products

Adobe Creative Cloud ( Adobe Creative Cloud is widely used across the industry and has many features for creating, editing, and publishing digital content. It is a complete tool for digital publishing, including such software as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. It has seamless integration with all other Adobe products.

Hootsuite Insights ( Hootsuite insights is a software tool designed for social media marketing activities. It allows you to track relevant metrics and adjust your campaign tactics based on performance data. With Hootsuite, you can monitor and measure your social media activities across different platforms, schedule content posting, and better manage your entire social media portfolio.

Piktochart ( Piktochart is a powerful infographic tool that makes creating and sharing data visualizations and infographics easy. It allows users to create visually appealing graphics and quickly translate their ideas to designs.

Wrike ( Wrike is project management software that can be used for creative projects. It has many modules tailored to Creative Management, such as team collaboration, time tracking, task management, and progress visualization. Wrike helps streamline the creative process through its modules and encourages team collaboration.

Canto ( Canto is a creative management software designed to help teams centralize, manage, and share brand assets. It helps manage the brand and communication strategy by creating a central location for all project assets and providing a single source of access and truth. Its DAM (Digital Asset Management) module allows organizations to streamline and share their creative assets efficiently.

Drawbacks and Limitations of CMS

Cost: The software can be relatively expensive, and may require a learning curve before users can maximize its benefits.

Compatibility: CMS software may not be compatible with some creative tools and file formats. This may require alternative methods of sharing files.

Limitation of Customization: Some CMS software may not provide the user with lots of customizations, which is essential to some organizations working on unique projects.


Creative Management Software provides an efficient way for organizations to manage their creative assets. With the ability to streamline the creative process, collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and easily analyze the performance of campaigns, a business can effectively meet its marketing objectives. By implementing one of the software products mentioned in this article, users can easily create a seamless and effective digital marketing strategy.