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Brewery software is a specialized software created for the brewery industry. It is designed to help manage brewery inventory, production, sales, and distribution in an efficient and organized manner. The software can also manage recipe creation, scheduling, and quality control. It is a must-have tool for every brewery as it helps automate and streamline the entire brewing process. In this article, we will discuss who uses the software, benefits of the software, features of the software, and provide examples of relevant software products.

Who Uses Brewery Software?

Brewmasters and Brewery Owners: Brewery software is most commonly used by brewmasters and brewery owners who operate breweries of any size. Regardless of the size or the complexity of the brewery, the software can help you manage and optimize the production process. The software can help in inventory management, production management, recipe creation, sales and distribution, and quality control.

Distributors: Brewery software is also commonly used by distributors. Distributors use this software to manage their inventory, delivery, and tracking of the beer distribution. The software helps them manage the sales and delivery route efficiently.

Benefits of Brewery Software

Improved Efficiency: One of the significant advantages of using brewery software is the improvement in efficiency. The software takes care of a lot of the manual processes, giving you much more time to focus on other aspects of your business. With automation in production and sales management, the risk of human error is minimized, increasing productivity.

Improved Quality Control: Brewing software is specifically designed to help brewmasters manage the brewing process more effectively, ensuring the quality of the beer is excellent. The software provides timely information on the quality of beer produced to identify any issues before the beer is distributed.

Improved Inventory Management: Brewery software allows you to keep track of your brewery inventory with ease. It tracks the raw materials used in production and the finished products in inventory. You will always be able to stay ahead of reorders and manage waste in your production process.

Features of Brewery Software

Inventory Management: Most brewery software products have inventory management tools that help you track raw materials, supplies, and finished products. It allows you to manage your brewery’s inventory, ensuring you know what products you have in stock, and when you need to refill order.

Production Management: The software allows brewmasters to manage the brewing process by tracking recipe changes, production trial runs, production orders, and production cost.

Sales and Distribution Management: Brewery software can manage the entire distribution process from the point of sale to delivery.

Examples of Relevant Brewery Software Products

OrchestratedBEER: OrchestratedBEER ( is an all-in-one brewery management software. It provides brewers with a complete overview of the brewing process, inventory management, and sales and distribution. The software allows users to manage everything from brewery construction, production, sales, inventory, quality control, in-depth reporting, accounting, and compliance.

BrewPlanner: BrewPlanner ( is a brewery production planning software that helps breweries manage their brewing operations. It helps breweries optimize their workflow from recipe creation to production orders by giving insight into their production capacity. BrewPlanner makes scheduling production and raw material deliveries effortless.

Brewman: Brewman ( is a comprehensive brewery management software system for small and mid-size craft breweries. It provides users with real-time brewing data, inventory management, and quality control modules. The system can also automate many of the routine tasks so breweries can focus on what they love doing, brewing.

Ekos: Ekos ( is a brewery management software targeted towards small to medium-sized breweries. The software allows users to manage inventory, production, and sales and distribution activities. It features a comprehensive analytics tool, allowing users to track performance and profitability.

BrewNexus: BrewNexus ( is a brewery management software that helps breweries keep track of inventory, production, and sales. It has features like barcode scanning, automatic reminders, and reporting analytics to help you identify inefficient processes.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Although the use of brewery software is beneficial, it is essential to be aware of the drawbacks and limitations. One possible risk is technology failure or lack of proper technical training for all staff. Software malfunctions, internet outages, or a lack of technological understanding can lead to downtime, which can negatively affect the brewing process.


Brewery software is an essential tool for brewery owners, brewmasters, and distributors. With automation within the production, inventory management, sales, and distribution process, the use of brewery software can significantly increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing costly mistakes. With numerous options available, brewery software has become more affordable and user-friendly, enabling breweries to select and invest in the solution that’s best for them. The use of brewery software is definitely the next logical step towards the production of better quality beer.