Bar POS Software

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Overview: Bar POS Software

If you own a bar, you may have already recognized the need for Bar POS software. A POS system that is unique and designed to the specific needs of a bar is essential for timely and accurate service. Bar POS software can integrate with hardware like tablets, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers, thereby enhancing the efficiency of your business operations and reducing time wastage.

Who Uses Bar POS Software?

Bar POS software is ideal and useful for all types of bars, from nightclubs to sports bars to local pubs. Businesses that stand to benefit from Bar POS software include taverns, wine bars, and specialty bars.

Benefits of Bar POS Software

Bar POS software provides several benefits for bar owners. First and foremost, it enhances efficiency and accuracy of bar operations. It provides an organized reporting system that can track hours worked, sales made, and tips earned. Other benefits include:

1. Inventory management: Bar POS software can monitor inventory levels and alert staff when stocks run low.

2. Real-time sales tracking: Real-time sales tracking enables bar owners to make rapid and informed decisions about their business.

3. Easy customer data collection and retention: The software allows you to store your customers’ details, allowing you to offer personalized services and promotions to them.

4. Improved staff management: POS software provides a comprehensive staff management system that helps you monitor employee hours and performance.

Features of Bar POS Software

The ideal Bar POS software should come with several features, including:

1. Order management: This feature streamlines order taking with a touch screen interface that enables bartenders to take orders quickly and accurately.

2. Inventory tracking: This feature tracks inventory levels, reducing the chances of stockouts and allowing for easy management of supplies.

3. Reporting and analytics: The system should provide comprehensive reporting tools that analyze sales trends, inventory management data, and customer retention metrics.

4. Staff management: Bar POS software tracks staff hours, schedules, and performance, making it easy to manage your employee’s time and productivity.

Examples of Bar POS Software Products

1. Revel Systems (

Revel Systems is a cloud-based POS software designed for bars, restaurants, and cafes. Its features include employee scheduling, inventory management, and complete payment processing.

2. TouchBistro (

TouchBistro is a POS software designed for restaurants, cafes, and bars. It allows you to take orders and payments on the same platform. Other features include inventory management, menu customization, and staff management tools.

3. Toast POS (

Toast POS offers a cloud-based system designed for bars, cafes, and restaurants. It features inventory management, custom reporting, and an intuitive mobile interface that enables staff to take orders from anywhere.

4. Shopkeep (

Shopkeep offers a comprehensive POS system tailored for bars and restaurants. It offers in-depth reporting, inventory management, and a range of payment options, including ApplePay and Google Wallet.

5. Square POS (

Square POS offers a range of features and tools that cater to the needs of bars and other small businesses. It’s a cloud-based system that offers excellent inventory management, employee management, and intuitive sales reporting.

How to Use Bar POS Software

Using Bar POS software is relatively easy and intuitive. Most software comes with a straightforward setup wizard that guides you through the process of installation. Once the software is installed, you can then customize the settings, including menu items, payment options, and employee schedules. The software can then process orders, manage inventory, and provide comprehensive reporting.

Drawbacks and Limitations of Bar POS Software

Although Bar POS software is designed to provide numerous benefits to bar owners, there are some drawbacks. The software can be costly, especially if you opt for more advanced features like employee scheduling and in-depth analytics. High fees for credit card processing can also lead to extra costs, particularly if you run a bar with high-end drinks or high volume sales.


Bar POS software is an essential tool that can enhance accuracy and efficiency in bars, helping to drive in more profits and revenue. The software provides real-time data and analytics that can enable you to make informed decisions about your business. However, it’s crucial to choose the right software and vendor that suits your operations and budget.