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Association Management Software: Essential Tools for Managing Your Association

Overview: Running an association can be a difficult task, especially without the right tools at your disposal. Fortunately, there are several association management software options available that can help streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and boost member engagement. This article will explore who uses association management software, the benefits of using such software, and the key features of the software. We’ll also take a look at five popular and relevant software products and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Who uses Association Management Software?

Associations, Non-Profits, and Membership Organizations: Any organization that manages a membership base can use association management software. This type of software is particularly useful for associations that have a large and diverse membership base, or those that serve a specific industry, profession, or cause. These organizations can use association management software to manage their membership database, track attendance at events, collect dues and fees, and communicate with members.

Benefits of Association Management Software

Streamlined Operations: Association management software can help automate several time-consuming tasks, including the processing of payments, the tracking of member engagement metrics, and the compilation of complex reports. This automation can free staff members from manual data entry and enable them to focus on higher-level tasks such as planning events and developing new programs.

Increased Efficiency: Because association management software is usually cloud-based, it enables members to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, this type of software often integrates with other technologies such as CRM and AMS systems, streamlining data collection and analysis.

Better Communication: Association management software includes features for sending email blasts, creating newsletters, and marketing campaigns, which makes communication with members easy and streamlined. This can help keep members informed about upcoming events, news, and other developments related to the organization.

Features of Association Management Software

Membership Management: This essential feature allows users to manage member databases, track membership status, process payments, and create membership directories.

Event Management: Running events is a crucial component of association management. This feature enables users to create, manage, and track attendance at events, including webinars, seminars, conferences, and sector-specific events.

Financial Management: This feature handles all aspects of financial management, including invoicing, bookkeeping, budgeting, and payment processing.

Campaign Management: Campaign Management features allow users to create and conduct targeted marketing campaigns. This can include email campaigns, social media integration, and recognition tracking.

5 Examples of Relevant Association Management Software

Wild Apricot ( The software’s features include membership tracking, email marketing, event registration, and website integration. Wild Apricot also makes managing memberships easier, providing estimates, and tracking financials online. With a scalable pricing model, Wild Apricot can accommodate small startups as well as large organizations.

MemberSuite ( MemberSuite is a cloud-based all-in-one management platform that provides features like event management, membership management, and online store management. MemberSuite can also integrate with other software, making it incredibly easy to customize your association management process to suit your organization’s needs.

GrowthZone ( GrowthZone provides high-quality, comprehensive association management software. Features include event management, membership management, mobile app integration, and more. Likewise, the software automatically provides ready-to-use templates for a website with a responsive design that adjusts to the members’ devices.

Novi AMS: ( Novi AMS streamlines several association management tasks, including membership management and event management. Other features include website integration and marketing campaign management. Novi AMS is a cloud-based software that offers an innovative pricing model suitable for organizations of different sizes and structures.

MemberClicks ( MemberClicks offers essential features like event management, membership management, and communication management. It comes with an intuitive user interface, social media integration, and email integration, making it easy to customize your layout and design templates.


With an array of essential features combined with benefits that cannot be overlooked, association management software is a must-have tool for any association. It streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and helps organizations better engage with their members. While there are different software for everyone, choosing software from a reliable provider is critical. With a significant number of association management software available in the market, the software that suits an organization’s needs could very well be entirely different from the next. Evaluate the association’s objectives, analyze the size and structure, and decide on a software provider that meets your organization’s needs.