Assessment Software

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Assessment Software: Benefits, Features, and Examples

Who Uses Assessment Software?

Assessment software is used by a wide variety of people in different industries. Educators use assessment software to evaluate their students’ academic performance. Human resource professionals use assessment software to measure the skills, knowledge and abilities of job applicants. Medical professionals use assessment software to diagnose and evaluate patients. Assessment software is also used in the finance industry to measure risk and in the sports industry for scouting and player recruitment. In short, assessment software is used by any professional who wants to assess another person’s knowledge, skills or abilities.

Benefits of Assessment Software

Assessment software provides many benefits, including faster and more accurate results, unbiased assessments, and better data management. With assessment software, results are provided in real-time and there is no need for time-consuming manual grading. Assessments can also be designed to eliminate bias, providing fair and objective results. Assessment software also streamlines data management allowing professionals to keep all of their assessment data organized in one easy-to-access location.

Features of Assessment Software

Assessment software comes with a variety of features including test administration, automated grading, customizable assessments, and assessment data management. Test administration allows for online test-taking and a variety of question types, including multiple choice, essays, and true/false questions. Automated grading saves time and eliminates the possibility of human error when grading assessments. Customizable assessments allow professionals to design assessments that meet their specific needs and goals. Assessment data management provides organized and easy-to-access data on assessments taken, scores achieved, and areas that need improvement.

Examples of Relevant Assessment Software

1. ProProfs Quiz Maker ( – ProProfs Quiz Maker is an online assessment software that allows educators and trainers to create and deliver online quizzes, tests, and assessments. It features a drag-and-drop quiz builder, customizable templates and themes, automated grading and reporting, and integration with popular e-learning platforms. One drawback of ProProfs Quiz Maker is that the free version only allows for limited quiz creation.

2. Versal ( – Versal is an online learning platform that includes an assessment builder. It features customizable assessment templates, multimedia support, and automated grading and tracking. One unique feature of Versal is the ability to embed assessments within interactive multimedia lessons.

3. Rise ( – Rise is an online authoring tool used to create e-learning courses that also comes with assessment functionality. Rise features a responsive design and comes with built-in assessments, customizable templates, and easy-to-use branching options. Rise also enables integration with popular LMSs (Learning Management Systems) like Moodle or Blackboard.

4. ScholarLMS ( – ScholarLMS is an online learning management system that comes with assessment functionality. It features customizable assessments, automated grading, and analytics tracking. One unique feature of ScholarLMS is the ability to create peer assessments.

5. EvaExam ( – EvaExam is an open source exam software used for online exams that involves students accessing test questions on a computer. Features include multi-language support, online/offline exam support, randomized question sequence and reporting. One drawback of EvaExam is that its installation requires complex technical expertise.


Assessment software provides a variety of benefits including more accurate and faster results, unbiased assessments, and better data management. Professionals in a wide variety of industries use assessment software to measure knowledge, skills and abilities. Assessment software comes with a wide range of features, including customizable assessments, automated grading, and easy-to-use data management. Several excellent assessment software products include ProProfs Quiz Maker, Versal, Rise, ScholarLMS, and EvaExam. With assessment software, professionals can streamline assessments and data management, saving valuable time and providing more accurate results.