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Art Gallery Software is a modern tool designed to help art gallery owners and managers manage their inventory, sales, contacts, and accounting. It is a game-changer in the art industry and is now widely accessible to all art gallery owners and managers.

Who Uses Art Gallery Software?

Art Gallery Software is used by art gallery owners, managers, and artists. Gallery owners use the software to manage their gallery’s inventory, sales, customer contacts, and accounting. Artists use the software to showcase and track their artwork.

Benefits of Art Gallery Software:

Art Gallery Software provides numerous benefits to art galleries and artists alike. These benefits include:

1. Time-Saving: Art Gallery Software saves time by automating tasks, such as invoicing, inventory management, and customer follow-up.

2. Easy to Use: The software is user-friendly and extremely easy to use.

3. Increased Accuracy: The software eliminates manual entry errors and ensures that all data is accurate.

4. Improved Customer Experience: Art Gallery Software provides customers with a better experience, from the initial contact with the gallery to the final purchase of the artwork.

Features of Art Gallery Software:

Art Gallery Software provides a range of features designed to make inventory management, sales, customer service, and accounting seamless and efficient.

1. Inventory Management: The software allows you to track and manage your gallery’s inventory, including artwork, artist details, and prices.

2. Sales: The software supports sales of artwork in the gallery through the use of web-based point of sale (POS) systems, commission tracking.

3. Contacts: Art Gallery Software helps you to manage your customer contacts, send promotional emails, and follow up on inquiries.

4. Accounting: The software provides accounting features to enable you to keep track of expenses, commissions earned and payments made, and also provides tax reporting.

5. Reports: Art Gallery Software generates customizable reports such as inventory, sales, and commission reports.

Examples of Relevant Art Gallery Software:

1. ArtLogic ( ArtLogic is a cloud-based software that offers a comprehensive solution for managing art gallery and artist studio inventory, sales, relationship management, marketing, and e-commerce. The software includes many features such as digital asset management, image resizing, and inventory management.

2. Artsystems ( Artsystems is a web-based software designed for art galleries, collection management, museums, and artists. It provides many features that allow users to manage inventory, sales, contact, accounting, and appraisals.

3. ArtBinder ( ArtBinder is a cloud-based software designed for art galleries, that provides an elegant alternative to printed catalogs by allowing art galleries to easily create, edit, and manage their inventory through online catalogs.

4. ArtLogic online art inventory management ( ArtLogic online art inventory management is an innovative cloud-based software for art gallery owners, artists, and collectors. The software provides solutions for inventory management, gallery management, and art fairs.

5. Vernissage ( Vernissage is an Apple iOS software designed explicitly for art gallery owners and art collectors. It includes features such as inventory management, sales management, and an automated database of artworks.

How to Use Art Gallery Software?

Art Gallery Software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. First, the user selects a relevant software product that meets their specific needs. After selecting the software, users will follow the on-screen prompts to set up their inventory, contacts, and other details. Once this is complete, the software can be used to manage inventory, sales, clients, accounting, and other functions.

Drawbacks and Limitations of Art Gallery Software:

Art Gallery Software has several drawbacks and limitations. The software relies on reliable internet access, and some features are only available to users who pay for premium services. The software requires users to have some technical expertise and a good understanding of the art industry to maximize its benefits.


Art Gallery Software is an innovative tool that has revolutionized the way art galleries manage their inventory, sales, contacts, and accounting. The software offers several benefits, including saving time, increasing accuracy, and improving customer experience and has transformed the art industry. Despite a few limitations, Art Gallery Software remains an essential tool for artists and art gallery owners looking to maximize their productivity and streamline their business operations.