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Advocacy Software: Benefits, Features, and Examples


Advocacy Software is an advanced technological tool that helps organizations to empower their advocacy work. It encompasses various online platforms, technology solutions, and database management systems that aim to connect stakeholders, improve communication, and facilitate mobilization for boosting advocacy efforts. Advocacy software is now in high demand among non-profits, advocacy groups, political parties, and human rights advocates.

Who uses the software?

Advocacy software is predominantly used by non-profits, social welfare groups, human rights organizations, and political parties. These groups use advocacy software to manage their online presence, monitor campaign progress, and analyze data for informed decision making. Advocacy software also adds value to business advocacy strategies, activism campaigns, and social media advocacy.

Benefits of the Software:

  • Integrated communication platform: Advocacy software consolidates communication efforts, allowing advocates to execute, communicate, and mobilize supporters and stakeholders in one platform.
  • Enhanced database management: With the help of advocacy software, organizations can streamline and improve data management, which makes tracking and analysis much easier.
  • Automation of advocacy workflows: Advocacy software automates workflows, such as email communications and social media updating, helping organizations save time and improve efficiency.
  • Improved online fundraising: Advocacy software offers tools to optimize fundraising strategies, allowing organizations to collect donations in secure and effective ways.
  • Advanced analytics and insights: Advocacy software provides real-time data analysis, insights, and feedback, resulting in informed decisions and better outcomes for organizations.

Features of the Software:

  • Advocacy outreach management: Advocacy software maintains a record of potential advocates and mobilizes them effectively to take action.
  • Social media and email advocacy: Advocacy software provides tools to create effective social media and email campaigns to attract and mobilize supporters.
  • Event management: Advocacy software includes event management tools to facilitate offline and online events for advocacy purposes.
  • Online fundraising: Advocacy software platforms offer integrated online fundraising tools that allow donors to contribute easily and securely.
  • Real-time analytics: Advocacy software provides real-time reports, feedback, and insights into campaign progress and performance.

5 Examples of relevant software products:

  1. The Action Network (
  2. The Action Network is a comprehensive advocacy platform that offers tools to create email campaigns, social media campaigns, and event registrations. It also includes fundraising tools, targeting features, and real-time analytics. This platform is easy to use and provides effective tools for organizing campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and promoting worthy causes.

  3. EveryAction (
  4. EveryAction is a versatile advocacy platform that includes powerful features for online and offline advocacy. This platform allows organizations to manage donor and supporter databases, create and launch campaigns, and track results. It also offers tools for event management, online fundraising, and social media integration that organizations can use to successfully mobilize and engage their supporters.

  5. Mobilize (
  6. Mobilize is a comprehensive engagement platform that enables advocates to create custom event pages, manage RSVPs, and connect with their followers. This platform also provides tools for tracking event attendance, managing volunteers, and sending follow-up emails to attendees. With automated workflows, analytics, and a user-friendly interface, Mobilize is a great choice for organizations looking to mobilize supporters and build strong communities.

  7. Beekeeper (
  8. Beekeeper is a sophisticated advocacy platform that provides organizations with comprehensive data management tools, workflows, and analytics. This platform offers tools for creating social media campaigns, call-to-action messages, and personalized engagement strategies. Beekeeper also provides event management features, including targeted invitations, micro-site creation, and integrated check-ins.

  9. Votility (
  10. Votility is an all-in-one advocacy and grassroots mobilization platform that supports a range of functionalities including email campaigns, issue tracking, and real-time analytics. It allows organizations to launch digital campaigns and track the effectiveness of their advocacy outreach efforts. Organizations can manage supporters and volunteers, map advocacy contact weblinks, and use targeted tools for advocacy engagement.

How to use the software:

The first step in using advocacy software is to identify which features and tools are needed by your organization. It is crucial to choose a platform that aligns with your goals, budget, and organizational strategies. Once selected, the next step is to integrate the software into your existing digital infrastructure. The software will usually provide guides, manuals, and support teams to help you integrate the software into your communication networks. The software team will also assist in training your advocates to use the platform effectively. Once up and running, the software can be customized to fit your organization’s needs and can help you streamline your advocacy efforts and engage more supporters.

Drawbacks and limitations of the software:

While advocacy software offers many benefits, there are some limitations and challenges to consider. Firstly, the cost of using advocacy software can be high, making it challenging for small organizations to access. Moreover, not all software offers the same level of functionality and customization, so choosing the right software may be a challenge for some organizations. Organizations also need to ensure that supporters and advocates, who may not be tech-savvy, can easily access and use the software. Finally, advocacy software may not be suitable for all types of advocacy campaigns or organizations, and careful evaluation and consideration is needed before investment.


Advocacy software is a crucial tool for organizations looking to expand their advocacy efforts, improve their online presence and mobilize supporters. These platforms offer an array of tools and features ranging from email campaigns to event management and database management. As technology continues to advance, advocacy software will tackle new challenges and offer even more functionality to advocates. While it may not be suitable for all organizations, advocacy software is a powerful tool that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of advocacy campaigns.